Frequently asked questions

Why choose The Voyaging Vet for your pet's export check and certification?

Because we know what we're doing. We've had lots of experience as an MPI-approved vet in Auckland, checking and certifying pets for export; and have close relationships with pet transport companies and regulatory bodies.

The last thing you and your pet needs before your big move is more stress; so we come to you at a date and time that suits, and have the check and certification carried out in the comfort of your own home – easy as!

How do I book?

Simply fill up our contact form below, and we'll get back to you ASAP with a personalised quote and a suggested appointment time.

Once payment has been confirmed, we'll see you there!

What countries do you provide pet export certification for?

At this stage, we are only focusing on cat and dog exports to Australia.

What areas do you service?

We cover North, Central, and West Auckland. Just include your address in your enquiry!

How much does it cost?

Our fee for a house-call Australian export check and certification is $695.  This includes the MPI-approved vet travelling to your address, a thorough assessment of your pet, completed export certificate, and the flea and worm treatments required for export.

Additional charges:
Microchipping: $85
Brachycephalic (flat face) assessment: $110

We will send you a quote after receiving your enquiry and finding out a little more about you and your pet.

Confirmed payment is required prior to your appointment date. As we understand that travel plans can change, we will make every attempt to accommodate any flight changes. Please note that all confirmed payments are non-refundable.

My pet has a flat face (brachycephalic); can it be exported?

Yes, provided you have booked on a carrier that will accept them. Again, your nominated pet transport agency will be best placed to advise.

If a pre-travel brachycephalic assessment is required, please let us know in your booking notes.

My pet has an ongoing health condition; can it be exported?

In most situations, if your pet has been under the care of your GP and its health conditions are well-managed, export should not be an issue.

Please let us know about these conditions prior to your appointment so we can request any relevant notes and history, and tailor our advice for you and your pet. 

My pet needs some additional blood tests. Where can I get them done?

At this point, we are not providing any blood test services. We suggest you contact your regular vet clinic to get these tests done. Results can take several weeks to come back, so make sure you plan ahead :)

Get in touch with us once you have received the negative blood tests results and we can arrange a date/time for your export check and certification appointment.

What size crate do I need?

Please contact your nominated pet transport agency. They can help you book flights, source crates, and advise you on any other travel requirements.

I have a last minute export emergency! Can you help?!

Please get in touch and we'll do our best! An emergency fee may apply.